What is photobook

Photobook is a modern and stylish variant of photoalbum that saves Your memories and experience.

The modern world is changing incredibly fast, new technologies alter the usual notion of the traditional methods of perception and reflection of the reality that surrounds us. Vinyl records were replaced by MP3-players, video equipment was replaced by DVD-recorders, film cameras have been replaced by digital, photos are stored on electronic storage devices, the number of photos in your collection is limited by capacity of these devices. But it is difficult to look through them without the proper equipment. When you create a photobook you choose only the best moments and recreate consistent and complete picture of the memorable events. It is better and more convenient to show Your guests and friends the photos that are kept in the form of photobook.

It was once thought that the best gift is the book. Photobook is a great and memorable gift for birthday, special date or an important holiday. With such a gift you certainly would differ from the others, and your gift will be remembered.

Photos can be sorted and collected in a chronological, geographical, personal or other sequence in accordance with the wishes. When selecting the style, design and themes for future photobook You can get an idea of how it will look.

A photobook will be saving the best moments of Your life for a long time, that's why it is very important to make an optimal choice

First, choose the format of Your photobook - it can be a small photogallery, but also a great foliant. The bigger Your photos are, the bigger format You need for placing them. If the quality of the photos is not high enough as You wish, You can make a collage or just put several photos on a single page.

A big difference for a price makes binding. 180 degrees opening makes it possible to place a photo on a complete two-side. That kind of book is comfortable to handle and it is also very easy to leaf through by kids. The undoubted achievements of Fotomount technologies include hard pages which won't fade or be damaged.

Subjects of the photobook could be different: kids, pets, graduation, wedding, love story, holiday, anniversary, company's fest, retro style, travel, presentation, cooking recipes, menu, hobby, collection, archive etc.

We have lots of different templates for pages, frames, cliparts, backgrounds and other instruments for creation of unique product, where not a single photo is wasted and looks gorgeous in all kinds of formats.

Also choose a number of pages - the more photos You want to use to create a photobook, the more pages it will consist and the bigger price it will be. One page may contain not only one photo, but also several of them - it depends on You.

Photobook with any kind of binding, possibility of printing on a cover and a laminated surface on the hard plates will look solid, unique, imposing and will not leave indifferent even the most demanding gourmet. For years you still will be enjoying its high quality and nice design.