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Metal staples (brochure)

The easiest and the fastest binding of photobrochures. Automatic stapling with two staples as in journals with square spine
Fast and economically profitable. Only in Quatro, Basic, Panorama, Portrait formats
without square spine Tarawera Print brochure print
with square spine Tarawera Print brochure print


The most popular and the most modern hard binding for the formats from Mini to Album XL
Made with automatic stapling
Nothing happens if you do this!


The best binding for all the formats of photobooks. Stapled with a comb (white or black) up to thickness 14,3 mm
Available for 360° opening
Ideal variant for the book of the favorite recipes


The most elite binding of the brand Fastbind. Glued to the mounting sheet
Available for 180° spread
Hard pages which won't fade or be damaged